The Chrysalis Home


Is it odd to have a declaration of intent for a blog? It seems like it could be either odd or the most perfectly normal thing ever. My declaration of intent is likely to be convoluted and a little muddy, somewhat like my life at present. Things are never simple, are they? And so my intent is not simple, not cut and dried. It is sloppy and it is messy and it is probably a little crazy. But it is mine.

That is my first and most important intention. This is mine. This space, this blog, this tiny unambiguous corner of the ether that is the internet is mine. It does not belong to anyone but me (and wordpress, har) and I will use it for me. Just me. I have spent far too long using my time and my thought and my spaces for other people, eschewing what I want to say for what others would have me say. Censoring myself.

No longer.

As of this moment, I have given myself the freedom to use MY corner for MY words, not for the words others would have me say. But be warned, my words….are crass and base many times. My words are lies many times just as they are many times the truth. My words are rarely insightful. They are angry. They are also kind and full of love.

My words are me and I am my own.

My sencond intention is that of growth. I feel like I have stagnated as I’ve aged. When I was young I had such hopes for my creative and emotional self. I had such aspirations. But, as is often the case as we age we become mired in the mundane and forget ourselves, our younger selves, the dreams we had and the people we would become if unhindered. I hope to take steps to reclaim at least some of that vitality, that optimism.

Those are my intentions, my goals for this space. It is for me but it is also for you. I hope that my experiences will capture your imagination and you will join me for this journey.


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